An e-scooter is a 'wheely' great way to get around!

We feature a huge range of top quality electric scooters from leading UK stores.

Electric scooters for kids - and adults - are available to buy in a range of styles and features, so we're confident you'll find one here that appeals to your needs and budget.

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You'll find all the top brand names for scooters here including Duplay Rage, E Rider, Funbee, E-Go, HOCN, iScoot, Kids Rocket, Razor E100, Razor E300, Razor E90, RiiRoo, Scream, Storm, E-Scoot, Uber Scoot, Neon Rocket and Zinc Volt.

We also feature a range of electric scooter bikes, a three-wheeled style of seated scooter which is powered by a 6V battery and is geared towards younger children, aged from around three to seven. 

These come with a range of exciting features including horn and music buttons, flashing front lights and a toy storage box.

For good measure we also bring you a range of self balancing hover board electric scooters which have taken the UK by storm. 

These innovative type of power scooter for kids and adults are similar to a Segway but are stripped down to consist of nothing more than a basic platform which users stand on and controls their direction of movement by applying the minimum of pressure with their left or right foot.

You did have fun with toy scooters as children, didn't you? It was so much fun getting them to run with your feet pushing off against the ground - a bit of push and a short while of cruising - those were our good ol' days!

Yes, we all remember, and want our children to have just as much fun as we did as kids. Unfortunately, having fun as we used to is getting to be a little difficult these days. 

Boys and girls are riveted to their X-Box and Playstation computer consoles (which we buy for them, probably in reminiscence of the old fashioned arcade games) and then there is the Internet.

Even the humble television is half obsolete as far as today's generation is concerned. Even without being social scientists, we can tell you, as you doubtless know already, a romp in the fresh air is what every child needs even though they are not mature enough to realise that.

No, we are not talking about playing a game of football, or any other outdoor game or activity for that matter. Even those are somewhat disciplined.

What they really need is a time to let go, a time to be the little monkeys that they all are, boy or girl. Things like biking around the neighbourhood, flying kites or playing with marbles - these are what make children really enjoy their childhood without a care where having fun takes precedence over performing or winning.

Well, that was a long intro, but you can probably relate to it if you grew up in the eighties or even the nineties, and have your own children now. But now there an exciting new play thing that is captivating kids throughout the UK ... the electric scooter.

The electric scooter, also referred to as an e-scooter is gateway to a feast of fun and excitement for thrill-seeking kids.. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Yes, there can be a element of risk with them -  but bikes can be risky too.

And so is practically any activity that requires a person to exercise motor control. Sitting at home is not risky. Not in the short run, anyway. A few bumps and skinned elbows never did anyone any serious harm, we say!

If you are here in two minds about getting your son or daughter an electric scooter, we aim to offer you plenty of advice about their features and the hours of fun they can bring. 

They really are fun, and they are good for allowing youngsters to explore their physical limits and, perhaps, go beyond.

Electric scooters are also known by various other names including buzz-boards, motorised skateboards, citybugs and Go-Peds.

Anyway, since our research on the matter of how good electric scooters are for children is limited to nostalgia, more or less, we should probably move on to the nitty-gritty and hope you are still with us.

Let's take a look at a few of the features and parts of an electric that should be taking into consideration before buying one for your son or daughter.

Electric Scooter Brakes

If you are going to buy an electric scooter for your child, your foremost consideration should be the brakes.

Having fun is great, having fun falling down is also okay if you are wearing elbow and knee protector pads if you want to avoid getting the skinned elbows and bumps we talked about earlier - but not having brakes that work flawlessly every time is definitely not our idea of recreation, and the potential dangers are obvious.

The brake mechanism on these scooters is simple enough - once the hand operated brake is applied, the motor slows down and at the same time, brake pads are applied to the rear wheel.

It is the efficiency of the process and the quality of the pads that you should consider carefully. Look for user reviews on the quality of brakes on a particular model of scooter - do whatever it takes to satisfy yourself that the brakes are good. If a model comes with separate front and rear brakes, so much the better.

Scooter Speed

Next, the maximum speed. If you can be sure of one thing, it is that a child riding a bike of any kind will want to outrun the wind!

Of course, as responsible parents you wouldn't want that, and the only way to make sure that your child doesn't go faster than is good for them would be to buy electric scooters that don't go too fast.

The specifications are very clear in this area - please pay attention to the maximum speed and the power of the motor and the capacity of the battery.

You will need to buy something that feels like more than a toy without being hazardous. 

Fortunately, manufacturers seem to have given this some thought and you are not likely to find too many speed demons among the considerable variety of choices available. Also, the recommended age group is usually clearly mentioned.

Wheel Dimensions

There is nothing much you can do about the wheel size except ensure that you get the largest in the category you are opting for. If your child is a 12 year old, for example, you will want to choose a model that has the widest tyre base in the models that come that age.

For a child that is younger, it might be safer to opt for a three-wheel electric scooter. This, obviously, is to ensure maximum balance and, therefore, safety.

We mentioned it just in case you like a certain model so much that you end up overlooking the width of the tyres or forget to ask if the model is available in three wheels.

An 8-inch tyre is fitted to an electric e-scooter because it is good enough for the vehicle. Still, it is safe to assume that 10" tyres would offer better stability.

Scooter Steering

The steering handle on these scooters is connected to the front wheel, which is normal, but the main difference between steering handles of electric scooters and those of manual bikes and fully-fledged scooters is that the former are sometimes adjustable.

While that sounds good on the basis that your child will be able to use the scooter even after the usual growth spurt occurs, this does make the scooter less sturdy.

This is not to say electric scooters with adjustable handles will fall apart at the slightest provocation but that you have one more thing to look carefully into.

Scooter Platform

Some e-scooters come with a seat, while others are meant to be stood on while riding.

This is a matter of personal choice but since the standing option is obviously one that requires additional stability, it is always advisable to go for a platform that comes either with built in grips or a cover that has ridges or grips on its surface.

This is similar to buying a shoe with a sole that has a good grip. Pretty elementary, and extremely important that you take this under consideration.

It's worth mentioning, in the context of seats, that there are a number of models where you can remove the seat completely. 

Unless you specifically want your child to ride standing up, buying a model with a removable seat is probably not a bad idea.

Electric Scooter Engine

As you can imagine, the engine of an electric scooter is quite different from the ones that run on gas or petrol.

The engine in an electric-powered scooter, is a motor that operates with the help of chargeable batteries and these batteries will go only so far and so long before the charge runs out.

It goes without saying, you should take the capacity of the battery into account if you use the electric scooter for commuting.

For kids, it is more a matter of how much play time they are allowed. You wouldn't want them to have to lug the scooter along because the charge was exhausted while playing with it.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of physical exercise but there are better ways of getting it than pushing a dead vehicle along an incline, especially for a child.

A standard battery should allow for around 7 miles or 45 minutes on a good day but ultimately, the terrain and the nature of driving will determine the actual mileage. Some models include an on-board charger but they tend to be more expensive.

Scooter Capacity

We are talking about the rider's weight here - the maximum the scooter will safely hold. 

This is clearly stated in the specifications for each model of scooter, - just be mindful of it, that's all, and definitely, make sure your young son or daughter understands the risks of exceeding maximum load capacity by taking on a pillion rider.

Storage and Transportation

Ordinarily, scooters and bicyles are kept on their stands (if they have any) or leaned against a support, like a wall, for instance. 

However, having a vehicle, such as a folding bike, that you can fold into a more convenient size is certainly a novelty in a good way.

There may be any number of reasons why you would want an electric scooter that is foldable. 

Perhaps you are in a job that needs you to relocate frequently. Perhaps you simply take a lot of trips and would like to give your kid a chance to use the scooter while on vacation.

A foldable scooter would, in such cases, be one less thing to worry about. So, that's one more option for your to consider.

Are Electric Scooters really just Toys?

Well, yes and no. If a young person is riding an electric scooter on private land with the owner's permission, there is no problem at all on the legal side of things.

However, it's worth bearing in mind that electric scooters, along with other vehicles such as go-peds, mini-motos, self-balancing scooters and electric bikes, are considered under the law as being motor vehicles and are subject to normal legal regulations that apply to motorbikes, mopeds and cars.

This means they cannot be used on the road unless they conform to the law. 

These vehicles, including electric scooters, also cannot be used legally on pavements and footpaths. The law states that e-scooter riders must be at least 16 years of age and have a relevant driving licence. 

Riders who intend to use their scooter on the road must also wear crash helmets and the vehicle should be taxed and insured, have an MOT certificate and also a number plate.

Electric Scooter Prices

Electric scooters come in a wide range of models with various features and often quite stunning looks. They also come in various sizes from small to large, so there really is one to suit any rider, young or old.

Prices range from around £100 for a basic model (although these are often branded as 'premium'!) to the spectacular Go-ped Ultimate Urban and Off Road 24v Scooter with an equally spectacular price of more than £1,600.

Don't worry though - there are a lot of choices in between and at reasonable prices too. It is possible to buy your child a very good electric scooter for under £200, including the popular 6V 3-wheel scooters based on Disney themes such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess and Star Wars .

Pink is the most popular colour of scooter for young girls but other popular colour choices for boys and girls include black, white, grey, blue, orange, red, purple, yellow, green, brown, silver and gold.

Unique Scooter Models

We have so far tried to give you an overview without trying to recommend specific models but there's one that caught our eye which we simply must point you out to.

It looks as lifelike as a 'real' scooter and even with its excellent features, does not cost the earth. If you have a budget or around £300, we strongly suggest you take a good look at the Black Mod Style Retro Premium 24v Electric Scooter.

It looks great, has a 350 watt motor and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 13mph. The battery will allow a 10 mile ride on a single charge. 

There's a battery level indicator as well. The rear disc brakes in addition to front hand brakes are just perfect. The throttle is twist grip, like a real accelerator.

About that pillion ride we were referring to - the Black Mod Style Retro has a maximum rider weight capacity of 70 kg, so if your 12+ child is allowed to impress a female companion, such is easily done!

The vehicle itself weighs 24 kg which is a very respectable weight that ought to make it adequately stable while riding even at maximum speed.

The pink version of this scooter is for girls. It looks as sweet as the male version looks dashing and comes with identical specifications. And why not? We want our girls to get as much scooter action as the boys, right?

The high-priced Go-Ped that we mentioned earlier really does have extraordinary features to justify the price - these little beauties come with 10-inch pneumatic tyres, 20mph maximum speed at turbo mode, on board charger and full suspension for the smoothest possible ride on just about every kind of surface are some of the features.

If you have the money to spend, it is surely worth a look. However, the stunning Black Mod Retro really takes some beating because of its unbeatable combination of looks, specs and price.

Notwithstanding what we said about skinned elbows (which we stand by), no one should ride any vehicle without proper safety gear. Please invest in a good quality helmet and probably also knee pads and gloves to ensure a safe playtime. is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to  


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